Classic Chex™ Party Mix Recipes for the Holiday Season

There's nothing quite like the smell of homemade Chex™ Mix in the oven to bring nostalgia to the holidays. Perfect for hosting, our classic Chex™ Party Mix recipes are made for sharing and bring all the fun of the festive season to the table. From legendary Muddy Buddies to Christmas Chex™, discover some of our best holiday party mixes to enjoy.

How to Plan a Christmas Party

Hosting a Christmas party at your place this time around? It can be stressful to organise the best bash of the year, so here are a few Christmas party planning tips to keep you on the right track! First things first, get a date on the calendar early to ensure maximum attendance. Then once you know your numbers, set a budget and consider choosing a theme to make it more exciting – why not try some of our ideas below?

Be sure to give yourself enough time to get your house in order, from clearing the clutter to decorating. Remember, guests will see more than one room, so add some finishing touches throughout your home with the addition of an adornment or two (the bathroom, especially!). Now all that’s left is to curate the perfect menu for the night, complete with Christmas party snacks like Chex™ Mix, put together a holiday playlist and have a ball!

Original Chex™ Party MixOriginal Chex™ Party MixOur classic homemade Chex™ Party Mix recipe is the go-to Christmas party snack! Ready in just 15 minutes, you can’t go wrong with a timeless crowd-pleaser that’s meant to be shared with everyone. Mix and match Corn, Rice and Wheat Chex™ to find your favorite.Get Recipe
Chex™ Legendary Muddy BuddiesChex™ Legendary Muddy BuddiesThe holidays wouldn’t be the same without sweet treats. Our Legendary Muddy Buddies combines delicious chocolate and peanut butter for the ultimate holiday party mix! Top with Christmas candy and serve at your next gathering.Get Recipe
Christmas Chex™ Party MixChristmas Chex™ Party MixHoliday party snacks don’t get much better than our Christmas Chex™ Party Mix! Made with squishy marshmallows, crunchy pretzels and iconic Chex™ cereal, all coated in vanilla almond bark for a festive twist.Get Recipe
Reindeer Feed Chex™ Party MixReindeer Feed Chex™ Party MixThe perfect mix of sweet and salty, our Reindeer Feed Chex™ Party Mix is the best of both worlds! Ready in minutes, simply mix all the ingredients together and serve as a tasty Christmas party snack everyone will love.Get Recipe

Which mix will you make? Share your creation with us!

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Christmas Party Theme Ideas

Take your Christmas party to the next level with a theme! Not only will this help your guests pick a fun outfit, you can also organise the night around it, from food and games to competitions for the best dressed. Why not try a Christmas sweater party (the uglier, the better!) or a Christmas pyjama party for a cozier vibe?

A costume party is always a good idea – try a Christmas movie theme with guests dressing up as the most iconic characters to hit the screen. Or you could opt for a more generic festive theme, like stars and sparkles, or candy canes. Here’s a thought, why not use Chex™ Mix as your inspiration and dress up as your favorite recipe (think red and green for Holiday Muddy Mix, purple and pink for Unicorn Chex™ Mix…)? The possibilities are endless!